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4 Tips for Gathering Supplies to Make a Wooden Rosary

The rosary is an important part of the Catholic faith. Praying the rosary can help Catholics perform penance and draw closer to God. Many Catholics utilize rosary beads in order to help them pray. You can find rosaries for sale in many religious goods stores, but making your own rosary can be even more meaningful. A rosary made from natural materials, such as wood, can help you consider God's creations while you pray. These four tips can help you gather all the supplies you need to craft your own wooden rosaries:

1. Decide on the type of rosary you would like to make. 

Rosaries come in different lengths. Some are small enough to fit in a pocket, and others are long and luxurious. No rosary is inherently better than another. The type of wooden rosary that's right for you is the one that you will use on a regular basis. The ability to customize the length of your wooden rosary is one of the many benefits of making your own. 

2. Choose painted or unpainted beads.

Many things in the modern world are designed for quick consumption and disposal, but a wooden rosary can last for generations. That's why it's wise to spend some time considering the way you'd like your rosary to look. You can choose painted or unpainted beads when buying wooden rosary supplies. Unfinished wood has a natural, timeless beauty, but stained and painted wood can be lovely as well. You can also choose to buy unpainted beads and paint them yourself using any colors you choose. 

3. Pick a wooden rosary kit that includes step-by-step directions for your first rosary-making adventure.

If you've never made a rosary before, you may want to start by purchasing a wooden rosary kit that includes everything you need. You can find wooden rosary kits designed with natural cord or jewelry chain link cores, depending on your preferences. A rosary kit will include step-by-step instructions that you can use to ensure that your wooden rosary turns out as intended.

4. Add any desired embellishments to your rosary. 

Finally, purchase any embellishments you would like to add to your wooden rosary. Some people like to add painted icons of saints to their rosaries. This is a great way to venerate any saints that you feel a special connection towards. Embellishing your rosary with holy intentions can help you create a special tool to use in your spiritual practice.