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Ways To Use Big Building Blocks For Educational Play

Play is so important for kids. Sometimes, you have to just let them use their own imagination and create their own games. Other times, though, it is helpful to guide their play in an educational direction with certain lessons in mind. Big, foam blocks give you so many opportunities to do so. Kids love these blocks because they're so fun to stack and knock down. This passion means most kids will take to the following educational block games and activities very well.

Stacking at Various Heights

This is a great low-level blocks challenge for kids who are just beginning to count. You can give them a number and watch them create a stack that is that number of blocks high. For instance, you could say "5" and wait for your child to create a stack of five blocks. Then, you could say "3" and wait for them to create a stack that's three blocks tall. Every once in a while, you can throw in a really tough one, like 11, which will challenge kids to create a taller stack or find some better ways to position the blocks — such as using two on every level of the stack.

Stacks of Different Colors

If your block set comes with an assortment of colors, this is a fun activity to try. It's really good for toddlers who are just starting to learn their colors. Say a color, and have your child stack as many blocks of that color as they can. When the stack falls, that color is over. You then say another color, and your child gets a chance to try and create an even taller stack with that color.

Tallest Stack

This game works best when you have two or more kids. Basically, you set a timer for a specific amount of time — 2 minutes is a good starting point — and see who can create the tallest stack in that time period. After your kids have mastered this challenge, you can take it up a level by adding a rule. For example, you could make a rule that they're only allowed to use one green block in their entire stack. Another rule could be that they are only allowed to place the blocks short-side down. See how your kids find creative ways to keep building tall stacks as the rules grow more strict.

Children's big building blocks can provide kids with an excellent educational play opportunity. Utilize the ideas above, and watch them have fun.