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Removable Chalkboard Sheets Can Be Used For Rainy Day Activities

Removable chalkboard wall adhesives will allow you to transform any room in your home into an art studio. Rainy days may often be filled with signs of discontent and complaints, but once you introduce a new way to display artwork or host contests, your children will likely have a reason to smile and may even anticipate more rainy days in the future, in which they can complete some fun indoor activities. 

Replicate An Inanimate Object

If one of your children's hobbies is drawing, set them up for a challenge that comes with a prize. Secure two removable chalkboard sheets to a clean, dry wall. Provide your kids with chairs, so that they can sit down while facing the chalkboard paper and concentrate on the task at hand. Set an inanimate object on a table that is within eye level and request that your child create a rendition of the item.

Designate an amount of time for the challenge to be completed. Judge the drawings and provide a small prize to the winner. Repeat the process, by having the winner of the challenge determine what type of object to use next. During the subsequent round, take part in the competition and allow the winner of the previous round to determine who is the better artist of the next round. 

Portray Your Dream Destination Or A Fond Memory

If you have been talking about future vacation plans or bringing up some memories from the past, request that your children share their thoughts through a visual aid. Give each child the same colors of chalk and an eraser and direct each of your kids to draw a picture of their dream destination or a fond memory.

After completing the task, allow each child to share their drawing and describe what they have displayed. Once finished with this task, break out some travel magazines, brochures, and family photo albums and enjoy looking through the items together.

Participate In Some Challenging Puzzles

If you have some puzzle enthusiasts in your family and ample time is spent enjoying hobbies that pertain to solving clues from a crossword puzzle or attempting to find one's way through a maze, use some puzzle books to guide you in creating some challenges. Draw or write the same set of information on each removable chalkboard sheet. Once your children solve the puzzles, instruct them to erase their answers and come up with some more challenges.