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How To Prepare For The Installation Of A Floor Graphic

If you want to install a floor graphic on the floor of your business, you need to make sure that your floor is ready for the floor graphics and that you have picked a location that will work well.

The Floor Material

First, you need to make sure that your floor material will support a floor graphic. Floor graphics do not work well on all material types. There are specific types of flooring that floor graphics are designed to stick well on.

The types of floors that floor graphics work well on include sealed concrete, sealed wood floors, sealed Terrazo floors, waxed vinyl flooring, ceramic tile and marble flooring. Floor graphics will not work well on concrete floors that are not sealed or vinyl flooring that does not have a nice layer of wax.

The Condition of the Floor

Whether the graphic will stick is not just about the material of the floor, it is also about the condition of the floor. The floor needs to be in good condition.

For example, if you have loose ceramic or marble tiles, you should not put a floor graphic down on top of those loose tiles. You also should not put a floor graphic down on a floor that has lots of cracks or chips on it. Nor should you put a floor graphic down on a floor that has loose grout.

Any damage to your floor, even if it is the right type of flooring, could compromise the integrity of your floor graphic. Although you could put a floor graphic down on a floor that is not in good condition, the graphic may not look that nice and will most likely not last as long as it should.

The Wetness of the Floor

Third, you need to take into account the wetness level of the floor. Any floor that will be exposed to a high degree of wetness, such as rain or snow, is not in a good location to install the floor graphic.

Floor graphics get slippery when they are wet, so you don't want to install a floor graphic right next to the entrance of your store in the winter time when people will be tracking in snow on their shoes.

The Traffic in the Area

Finally, you need to take into consideration the amount of foot traffic that the area where you want to put the floor graphic experiences in a typical day.  Floor graphics can handle a lot of foot traffic. However, they look and work the best when they are placed in areas with moderate foot traffic, not high foot traffic. Your floor graphic should not be placed in the store location that gets the most foot traffic, but in an area with less foot traffic that will still be seen easily.

Before you install a floor graphic, make sure that your flooring is compatible with a floor graphic and that your flooring is in good condition. Additionally, make sure that the location you pick only gets moderate, not high, levels of foot traffic and is located somewhere where it will not get wet for the best results.